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Company profile
Company profile

Company Introduction

Supremacy Aviation Stock Corporation is headquartered in Hong Kong. In the same period, a brother company, Supremacy Aviation Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd., was established in Shenzhen. The company is the governing unit of China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association- or AOPA-China, a technology developer of navigation application, a service provider of airport ground, a platform service provider of directly purchasing aviation insurance, a platform service provider of emergency and medical rescue application platform, and a platform operator of navigational trans-boundary high-end resource integration strategy. It is a business aviation company with a global aviation network. Since the company was founded in 2016, relying on Hong Kong's high-quality resources and platforms and extensive contacts, we have established a high-level, professional team and have exerted our advantages in the aviation application technology. After several years of development, Supremacy Aviation has been increasingly accepted by the aviation industry and customers, and the business volume is growing rapidly year by year; the business category is increasing continually; the business network is developing steadily which now covers thousands of airports around the world; Supremacy Aviation trans-boundary elite strategic alliance is spread all over the world.

Supremacy Aviation makes full use of the advantages of aviation resources. Our airport ground services include: aviation fuel service, journey support service, flight planning service, weather/navigation notice service, permission and time, ground VIP reception service, business jet/helicopter/commercial air connection service, catering service, crew service, executive travel service, VIP charter service, Supremacy members’ check-ins, returns, transfers, airplanes pooling service, passenger and crew hotel reservation service, and airport dedicated settlement application system. Platform service provider of directly purchasing aviation insurance and professional service organization of aviation insurance: aviation insurance such as civil aviation fleet, aviation liability, general aviation, and other products to escort the aviation..

The emergency and medical rescue application platform is an rescue application platform with an intelligent linkage: we cooperate strategically with government units, insurance companies, and bank VIPs to provide them with aviation (civil aviation, business jets, helicopters, drones) emergency/medical aids support services.To make life longer, every second counts!

Supremacy Aviation fully utilizes its aviation block chain application technology advantages and integrates with the aviation industry chain, plans and develops a Supremacy navigation industry chain service platform, and successfully develops seven set of applications: Supremacy General Use, Supremacy Airport, Supremacy Air Show, Supremacy Rescue, Supremacy Talent, Navigation Operation, and application operation management tools such as Supremacy Aviation Navigation. We are committed to building a navigation industry ecosystem and realizing the goal of China's navigation resources sharing and efficient profitability.

Supremacy Aviation integrates the physical navigation industry “body” with the navigation high-tech “wing”. It is embedded in the mobile applications and terminals with API, an international Internet connection commonly used at home and abroad, and with the force of financial capital “driver” rapidly deploying the China and global navigation development strategy planning and implementation of the navigation industry.

New era, new beginning, new journey! Supremacy Aviation Apps will be a milestone in subverting the new concept of navigation industry service! Following the Chinese dream “Belt and Road”, Supremacy Aviation boldly innovates to be the leading industrial innovation platform in navigation, and devotes to achieving the dream of a strong country!

The president deliver a speech
The president deliver a speech

President Speaking

Dear friends from all circles: How do you do!

First of all, I am proud of being one of the people of great China! I cherish the historical opportunity to grow in a new era which allows us to achieve our value! Supremacy is born from aviation with the mission of accomplishing human civilization and happiness, we hope to become a shining star in the sky!

Flying to the blue sky is the dream of all mankind! Vehicles are a necessary tool in life. Since the time when people traveled on foot, human beings have created and invented different means of transportation in different eras. The birth of new means of transportation is a real testimony of human wisdom and civilization. Different vehicles ownership and using also symbolizes different identities. Diligent and intelligent people who work for the lofty ideals with ambition have created a happy era of economic prosperity!

With the change of time and the advancement of science and technology, there are more and more vehicles around us, which brings great convenience to everyone's life. Bicycles, cars on land; ships, submarine in the ocean, and airplanes in the sky have greatly improved the efficiency of people's travel.

China is a powerful country with a population of nearly 1.4 billion and with vast land and abundant resources. It is a great dragon in the east of the world! Supremacy Aviation was born in the spring of China's navigation. We commit: We will serve the National Navigation Alliance in the areas of aviation technology, aviation capital, aviation airport, aviation talent and aviation ecology,etc.

Supremacy Aviation is willing to be with China National Navigation Alliance hand in hand to build an aviation industry application platform, realize people's “Air Express”, the high-speed greenway of cities and scenic spots, and let all the commercial planes, helicopters, navigation talents and resources of Navigation actively participate in the Supremacy Aviation ecosystem application platform to make contributions to the creation of a more convenient air traffic system for human beings!

Supremacy is born from aviation. We need the support and help from all Chinese navigation enterprises; we need aviation experts to guide us; we need the full support of the state, local governments, and air force and civil aviation. Supremacy Aviation is based on serving the people and hopes to make our own contribution to the country and society! Navigation Alsupremacyupremacy supremacyupremacy Travel, supremacy Enjoyment!

Li Hongguang