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Airport Ground Service Platform
Aviation Fuel Service

FASTFUEL is Supremacy Aviation global aviation fuel product. Aviation fuel service is currently one of the core products of Supremacy Aviation. It has long-term agreements with many large foreign companies. The aviation fuel network covers 3,000 airports around the world and can arrange various types of aviation fuel addition services. According to the customer's needs, we will arrange the most economical and high-quality aviation fuel to make sure that each business flight is smooth. Based on the customer's recognition and support, the aviation fuel service has rapidly developed into Supremacy Aviation main brand, Supremacy Aviation commits to providing customers with the best prices and services, and achieves this by constantly monitoring global market conditions and negotiating with the global suppliers.

Journey Support Service

Inevitably, we will meet new rules during the international journey, like extreme global climate, continuously changing political situations, and also, different civil aviation bureaus and airports have their own policies, operational rules and requirements. With professional service and rich operational experience, Supremacy Aviation team can meet the individual needs of customers at the best, guarantee customers' travel in all aspects, and provide high-end, private, exclusive personalized flight experience and the most comprehensive ground service guarantee for customers around the world. .

Flight Planning

Supremacy Aviation high-efficient and comprehensive travel planning service can help the customers to manage their travel easily. Based on customers specific business needs, Supremacy Aviation professional team can enable customers to focus on their core business.

Weather, Navigation Notice Service

It is inevitable to meet bad weather conditions during the navigation and this condition will quickly affect customers' flight safety and property safety. Supremacy Aviation commercial aviation meteorological products can provide necessary flight information for making right decisions on the customer's flight. It can provide the latest weather information for customers by generating accurate weather maps and forecast information through professional analysis. Supremacy Aviation will obtain the flight notice that may affect the customer's flight the first time.

Permission and Time

Civil Aviation Departments and Government Agencies in different countries and regions have their own policies. Operational planning and requirements are also changed from time to time. Supremacy Aviation team will keep updating, apply for the necessary licenses, make appropriate takeoffs, and landing times for customers based on the route they choose. We will also coordinate with relevant departments in a timely manner to ensure that the customer's flight meets the legal requirements for takeoff, landing, diplomacy and customer-selected routes.Supremacy Aviation will do its best to complete the necessary licenses for customers in the shortest time, help customers handle the freight settlement of the Civil Aviation Administration, and save time and energy for customers and ensure a normal travel.

Business Jet/ Helicopter/ Commercial Vehicle Connection Service

On a global scale, Supremacy Aviation can carry out middle and long distance commuter flights for business jets, commercial planes and civil aviation scheduled flights. Heliport connection is an effective supplementary form of transport aviation and traditional ground transportation to solve the problem of road jams and poor mobility. In the destination where helicopters can not take off and land, we use high-end commercial car pick-up service to improve passenger travel efficiency and supreme experience.

Catering Service

Supremacy Aviation deeply cooperates with Huahaoyueyuan to provide a variety of dining options for the distinguished passengers and crew, fresh delivery ensured. Special high-end customized dishes, such as characterized Chinese food, Western food, children's food, vegetarian low-sugar meal or expensive wine is available if customers have special needs, Supremacy Aviation is committed to making best arrangements for passengers.

Crew Service

Whether it's a planned flight service or a temporary mission demand, as a high-end partner of the world's leading branded hotel, Supremacy Aviation ensures that high-end personal, business, VIP and team travel experiences would be provided for customers. Hotel reservations, VIP pick-ups, local guide pick-ups, assistance with visas, security, protocol services.

VIP Charter

Out of special considerations of customer safety and confidentiality requirements, Supremacy Aviation can arrange private aircraft charter services for customers. Maintaining the confidentiality of customers is the cultural mainstay of Supremacy Aviation Enterprise, and Supremacy Aviation will be cautious in handling related issues for all the customers. Supremacy Aviation can lease the required luxury aircraft to customers in a very short time, and can provide extraordinary services for customers who have special jobs and with tight schedules such as entertainers, sportsmen, celebrities, heads of state. Supremacy Aviation rents a series of most sophisticated aircraft types with the latest and most advanced technology. The performance and comfort of the aircraft are incomparable.

Aviation Insurance Application System
Aviation Insurance
Application System

1. All risks and liability insurance of civil aviation fleet company airplane body and spare parts; aviation company aircraft body war and related risk insurance; aviation company aircraft body deductible insurance. 2. Aviation liability, aviation product liability insurance; aviation maintenance personnel liability insurance; airport liability insurance; fuel injection liability insurance.3. All risks and liability insurance of common aviation and common aviation aircraft body; common aviation war liability insurance; all risks and liability insurance of drone body. 4.All risks of other products aircraft installation engineering; aviation lessor/financing party insurance; pilots losing license insurance; pilots and crew members personal accident insurance.

Supremacy Common Trans-boundary Customer Consumption App

Supremacy Common Client is a navigation trans-boundary consumer application terminal, a trans-boundary industry navigation value-added service system, a platform app for the promotion of brand competitiveness of the Supremacy Strategic Alliance, and a trans-boundary industry ecosystem, decentralized block chain application technology and mode docking with entities. It will realize the innovative profit mode of the industry chain alliance making money in this field and sharing money in trans-boundary field. The Supremacy General Application section includes: private planes (business jets, helicopters pooling, return transfer flights, charter flights), tours (helicopters, sports fixed wings), rescue (emergency rescue: natural disasters, medical aid, air cruises), flight (learning flight, flight movement, flight show), airport (consumer airport inquiries), club (functional club display reservation system), golf (surrounding golf club), departure (airport flight take-off and landing queue on that day). Supremacy VIP member system: register member, recharge member, given-card member, transfer-card member, rescue member, gold-card member, diamond member, and strategic member. Recharge system, blockchain electronic card gift collection system, trans-boundary consumer electronic card exchange system, service order service system, security system, settlement system.

Supremacy Aviation BlockChain E-Alliance-Card
Supremacy Aviation Block Chain

Supremacy E-Alliance Card is a trans-boundary consumption common VIP card, decentralized block chain technology and an innovative mode. The VIP card has a function of customizing likable number. It is an in-depth application of resource and benefit sharing in trans-boundary industry chain alliance. Breaking the tradition of coupons and vouchers can only be used in limited specific field and store, Supremacy E-Alliance Card can be used across platforms, industries, regions and trans-boundary to implement functions such as points changing, e-card decomposition and present, big data fission and investment project compounding, etc. Through the Internet big data and mobile terminals, the common data sharing and sharing mode, a fission effect can be formed. Let data become value and immediately turn into wealth. The Supremacy Industry Chain Alliance sets the profit distribution ratio of this field. It will be awarded to the recommended alliance merchants every second when Supremacy alliance merchants push the generation of the e-voucher consumption. Recommend alliance goods and services, and deeply integrate the others goods and services, directional push e-cards, and implant goods in the shopping mall and platform mutually. You can withdraw cash to your bank account at any time in the Supremacy Alliance System. Supremacy E-Alliance Card is settled according to the actual consumption without pre-deposited overdraft. Users can withdraw cash to their bank accounts at any time, and the account will never expire. Supremacy E-Alliance Card accumulates consumption points trans-boundary at the same time, points can be used to change vouchers, coupons, goodie bags and red packets which can be used as cash to pay, and never expire. Supremacy E-Alliance Card sub-cards, which can be decomposed to give friends: friends transfer, replace recharged card, settle according to the final consumption. You can use Supremacy E-Alliance Multi-Function Card and enjoy the maximum discount as long as it is in the Supremacy Industry Alliance. Supremacy E-Alliance Card gradually breaks down the fake coupons and vouchers on the market. Supremacy Alliance sends actual amount of vouchers, which can be freely converted, exchanged and deducted. Lead and attract merchants to exchange fake coupons and vouchers on the market. The merchants who have not joined the Supremacy issue not substantial coupons and vouchers, these can be converted into the conditional receiving alliance system with a 10% purchase price, which attracts flow for alliance merchants. Vouchers of this kind need to be used under a limited number according to the service merchants provider's quota. Supremacy E-Alliance Card not only implements aviation card, but more importantly, aviation added to trans-boundary industry alliance makes promoting navigation and industry chain development. Supremacy E-Alliance Card is divided into Chinese card(RMB) and International Card (Foreign Currency) to make user payment convenient.